Current Projects at MAC

Ongoing 2018-22 Contracts:

PNNL | Pacific Northwest National Labs in Portland, OR, USA

MAC has been hired on retainer until the end of 2022 to consult on the development of experimental designs, and on data analysis strategies, for lighting research in hospitals and care home settings.

HCMA | Architecture Firm in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, Canada

MAC has contracted with HCMA to undertake a pre- and post-occupancy evaluation of Kelly Road Secondary School in Prince George, BC within School District 57. Two technical reports will be produced between 2020 and 2022 as a new school is constructed and occupied (and the existing school demolished). The first report concerns the results of a pre-occupancy evaluation of the older school; the second report will describe data from a post-occupancy evaluation of the new setting. Comparisons between that data and the pre-occupancy evaluation will also be part of the post-occupancy evaluation. Although the sample involved in this project consists of teachers, staff, and school administrators, a broader population, including students and community members, may be invited to take part in follow-up research to better understand results from a community perspective.

The pre-occupancy evaluation was completed in September, 2020. The post-occupancy evaluation is being undertaken now that the new school has been completed and used by the school’s population—the report will be complete in early 2023. The pre-occupancy technical report can be referenced as:

McCunn, L. J. (2020). A Pre-occupancy Evaluation of Kelly Road Secondary School. Research report prepared for Hughes Condon Marler Architects and School District 57.

HCMA has also contracted with MAC to develop a social inclusivity guide for HCMA to use now, and to build upon over time. This partnership affords an opportunity for MAC to help HCMA examine and utilize the body of environmental psychology literature to capitalize on particular results and recommendations as the firm continues to design with all people in mind.

Another project that MAC is working on with HCMA is a post-occupancy evaluation of Royal Bay Secondary School’s inclusive washroom design. We have submitted an abstract to present this research-in-progress at the UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen. Interviews at Royal Bay about the design, location, students’ sense of safety and social inclusion concerning the washrooms will be conducted with administrators and staff in the fall of 2022.