Past Projects

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory| US Department of Energy, Battelle Memorial Institute in Portland, OR, USA

MAC had the pleasure of working with senior cognitive psychology researchers and architectural engineers at PNNL in Portland, Oregon to analyze and summarize existing quantitative and qualitative data concerning nurse’s perceptions of LED solid state lighting conditions in hospital units. We are also helped PNNL to optimize social scientific methodologies used to survey hospital staff about lighting stimuli in the workplace.

Scholarly publications concerning projects with PNNL include:

Davis, R., McCunn, L. J., & Wilkerson, A., & Safranek, S. (2020). Nurses’ satisfaction with patient room lighting conditions: A survey of nurses in four hospitals with differences in the environment of care. Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 13, 110-124. DOI:

McCunn, L. J., Safranek, S., Wilkerson, A., &. Davis, R. (2020). Lighting control in patient rooms: Understanding nurses’ perceptions of hospital lighting using qualitative methods. Health Environments Research & Design Journal. DOI:

In addition, MAC was hired on retainer until the end of 2022 to consult on the development of experimental designs, and on data analysis strategies, for lighting research in hospitals and care home settings.

BCRA | Architecture and Civil Engineering Firm in Tacoma, WA, USA

MAC completed a contract to perform and summarize post-occupancy evaluations of a number of psychosocial variables for four completed elementary schools designed by BCRA in the Clover Park School District in Washington state.

Delivered technical reports can be referenced as:

McCunn, L. J. (2019). Pre-design Evaluation for Two BCRA-Designed Elementary Schools in the Centralia School District. Research report prepared for BCRA. 

McCunn, L. J. (2019). Post-occupancy Evaluation for Three BCRA-Designed Elementary Schools in the Clover Park School District. Research report prepared for BCRA.